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There is no room for disruption in your supply chain. CG Trading will be your strategic partner, helping you source while maintaining your brand’s high standards.


Supply chains are a delicate balance: they need to be consistent, yet flexible; innovative, yet reliable. Having a well-developed network of strategy partners that can assist you in commodity sourcing and supply is crucial.

CG Trading draws on more than two decades of experience to ensure you can respond to demand changes and innovate in areas such as sustainability, all the while maintaining the expected quality of your product.

Our Service

Eyes all over the world

We are an Australian firm with global eyes and arms. With our strategic partners based in the USA, Canada, Asia and Australia, we combine a necessary global outlook with a detailed local knowledge.

Family first

Your trading partners are just that: partners. Even with our global reach and exceptional industry reputation, CG Trading remains a family-owned business and embodies the values that we believe are unique to that model: a personal approach, attention to detail and first-class customer care.

We work for you

Understanding what makes your company tick is crucial to our process. We view ourselves as collaborators, fulfilling a role or plugging an expertise gap in the wider fabric of your business. Everything we do is in line with your company objectives..


global reach

Our sales and marketing services are supported by our network of strategic partners, who ensure maximum penetration of your products worldwide.

Strategic partners


MC3 specialises in design, development and branding. These three areas of expertise are the cornerstones of their operation. None is an afterthought. They deliver the entire package, prioritised to your needs.


We’re Hype the only SEO and influencer / brand ambassador company that you need, built for the health and wellness industry.

Sydney and South Coast Food Consultancy

The go to company for all Food tech and safety related questions that you could ever want answered.

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