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The FMCG market has evolved. The operating model favoured by most brands has not. Stay ahead of the curve and stand out on the global stage with FMCG sales and marketing services from Consult Group.


Health and wellness products

The growing interest in health, nutrition and well being is increasing as people understand that keeping their bodies healthy must become a priority. this change in mind frame is creating a boom in the health products market. Consult Group can support your diet & nutrition, skincare, medicinal or health foods brands.

Food and drink

The global food and grocery market is expected to swell to US$12.24 trillion by 2020. Get in on the boom with sales expertise, consulting, sourcing and supply services.

Consumer and General Merchandise

Got a brand that is not a grocery or food item then Consumer and General Merchandise is your category and Consult Group can help you position your product correctly in the FMCG market so that it doesn't get lost in the sea of goods.

Private label

Consumers are continuing to increase their spending on private label goods. Consult Group can help you connect with strategic partners, identify the right opportunities and bring products to market.


FMCG Sales & Marketing

Changing consumer behaviours have created more opportunities for small and medium players in the FMCG market than ever before. Capitalising on this potential may not be straightforward, but it is certainly possible with the right guidance.

Consult Group is a leading FMCG sales consultancy with almost three decades of experience maximising sales and market share for brands and manufacturers. We act as a critical gateway between our clients and the market, providing invaluable behind the scenes expertise and support.

Your access point to sales

Making great products is your wheelhouse. Getting them to market is ours. We view ourselves as the natural extension of your business, drawing on our extensive commercial expertise to grant you unprecedented access to the FMCG market.

Family approach with a global network

Nearly three decades in FMCG distribution and retail, Consult Group has built an established professional network all over the world. But we have remained a family-run enterprise, treating every partner with the care and attention you won’t find in large corporations.

Tailor-made counsel for your business

Nobody understands your business better than you. We’re here to offer guidance and help you break through the competition, but everything we do is in line with your company objectives. Working with Consult Group is a collaboration.

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