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Shifting consumer behaviour in the FMCG market has opened up new possibilities for established and emerging brands. However, it has also opened these players up to the risk of working with an inexperienced global sourcing partner. The consequences of this can jeopardise the success of your business.

Consult Group has more than twenty seven years of global procurement experience, working with some of the world’s most established brands. Our expertise and network are virtually unrivalled in the FMCG sector.

To be the best, you should work with the best. Find out more about Consult Group’s work in the various sub-sectors of FMCG below, or get in touch for more information.

Health food, Diet, sport and medicinal

The growing interest in health, nutrition and wellbeing is increasing as people understand that keeping their bodies healthy must become a priority. This change in mind frame is creating a boom in the Health Food, Diet and Nutrition and Medicinal categories.

Consult Group can support your die, nutrition, skincare, medicinal or health food brands better than anyone. We cut our teeth in these categories and are often leading the charge in creating NPD and bringing the new trends to these sectors before the rest of the market gets on the bandwagon. We have been working with buyers for over 27 years to steer and navigate these waters on what will be the next trends and where the industry direction is heading.

FMCG CATEGORIES: Health food, Diet & Sport, Medicinal, skin care and cosmetics.

Food and drink

The FMCG market breaks food and drink into a range of categories. This allows them to focus on product ranges / brands and deliver what the consumer wants by being able to move with the tastes of the consumer and trends of the marketplace.

FMCG categories: Baking, Asian and other international markets, spreads, Icy poles, fruit and vegetable, nuts and seeds, confectionary, snacking – jerky, chips, oils, biscuits and more.

Consumer Goods and General Merchandise

One of the key distinctions between groceries and general merchandise is perishability, Whilst food and groceries have a life cycle 90% of General merchandise does not which means that your marketing and promotional angle needs to account for this to ensure the maximum return for your brand on shelf.

FMCG categories: General Merchandise – storage, batteries, kitchen utensils, crockery, clothes, magazines

Private label

Every Category in the FMCG market has a private label segment. This is where the Supermarket realises that the demand for a product type is at such a level they can release their own “brands” and because consumers are indifferent to whether it is a branded item they are able to gain a portion of this market.

A good example of this is the staples in a kitchen e.g the tin tomatoes, flour, sugar, shelf stable juice, milk, pet food, instant soups and sauces.

Consult Group and its relationship with the key decision makers in a category can give you the opportunity to be the producer of a FMCG private label line.

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