A little more about us

Trusting your brand with an FMCG consulting business is a big decision – we get that. Learn a little more about us and discover why our team of experienced professionals are the right-fit to help your brand thrive in today’s rapidly evolving retail marketplace.

We’ll be by your side and invested in your success, it’s a partnership

Every brand is different. We take the time and use our expertise to develop and execute a strategic sales solution tailored to your goals and aligned with retail opportunities in the marketplace – today, and into the future.

Our approach is geared to deliver results and manage your risk. We aren’t ‘yes’ people. In fact, we say no, more than we say yes.

We work tirelessly to get more for you. More of your products on shelves. More retailers stocking your products. More consumers choosing to purchase your product.

As a business owner, you wear a lot of hats. Our sales team will act as an extension of your business, managing the conversations and relationships with retail buyers and distributors on your behalf, allowing you to focus on owning and operating your FMCG business. 

Why us? There’s plenty of good reasons

We can help you achieve long-term sales cycles, and place more of your products on retailer’s shelves. Brick and mortar stores and online retail opportunities – we’ve got you and your FMCG brand covered with our omni-channel approach.


We have over three decades in the FMCG industry across grocery, pharmacy, petrol, convenience, independent retailers, and specialty retailers. To put it simply - our experience is unmatched. This is what we do - day in, day out.

Door-opening relationships

It is our continued success that has enabled our business to develop relationships that allow ‘High Speed, Low Touch’ modelling. Our approach enables our brand partners to expedite ‘High Level Agreements and Deep Level Alignments’ with key wholesalers and retailers within tight timeframes.

Pick and mix services

We offer a range of custom-designed services that mean you can engage us for single or multiple services offerings - based on your current business needs and goals. Not sure which service is right for you? Let’s talk today.

High performance, lower cost with Consult Group

“You can have an entire omni-channel sales program with Consult Group for the cost of a single, mid-level sales manager employee. We know wage costs are most companies’ biggest expense and finding the right team to execute your company’s growth targets can be a real challenge. You can avoid the YOY wage costs, incentives and a growing head count by engaging Consult Group – and still achieve your ambitious sales targets.”


Ashley McMillan
Co-founder, Consult Group

We’re unashamedly ambitious

Our mission

We exist to make creating a profitable FMCG business simple.

Our vision

To enable more people to realise their purpose and uniqueness through doing something bigger than oneself. To empower our brand partners to grow a successful FMCG business and share their products with more people.

Our values

That true team spirit

We collaborate with our brand and retail partners using a true partnership approach. We work as a team and respect each other – always. Meet our A-team, that can be an extension of your team too.