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Gain game-changing FMCG market insights and analysis. Understanding your competitive landscape is integral to your success in this industry. Fuel your business decisions with our quantitative and qualitative data and insights.

Market research matters

“The balance of power has shifted from retailers and manufacturers to the shopper."

Shoppers Under the Spotlight, June 2023, IRI Worldwide.

Empowering insights = pick power

Want to be a category hero? You need to understand the competitive landscape first. Analysing the players in the market, both established and emerging, enables you to develop a deep knowledge base and create a point of difference for your brand. We can help you increase your chances of being on top of the pick slot you are chasing with Australian retailers. 

Consult Group undertakes annual research to provide you with the most current analysis and trends. We then quantify our research against Internationalised Resource Identifier (IRI) Worldwide consumer insights so that you can maintain your edge and be best informed. Always.

Their words, not ours. (A happy Consult Group client)

“Working with Consult Group and using their team of experts has been fantastic from the very beginning! Transitioning to selling sports supplements from speciality and retail to the broader, mainstream market requires a whole new understanding and approach. From the backend data entry requirements, supply chain planning, category review preparation etc – the team at Consult are there to support us throughout the entire process. And beyond this, they continue to establish strong relationships on our behalf, keep us in the know of what’s going on in the mass market world and are always on the lookout for the next opportunity to present.”

Business owner, FMCG nutrition product range.

Data-informed FMCG decisions

Traditional competitor analysis can only get you so far. To see the complete picture you need to have a view of how consumers are communicating and sharing their views online. Let us do the heavy-lifting for you with all the research and analysis you need for your brand – now and into the future. 

Just some of the tools we use to analyse and gain market insights:

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We share snapshots from various valuable sources, including graphs like this one from Statista.

"Consult Group's support throughout the process has been invaluable in securing new business and building stronger relationships with our retail partners."

Josh Hourigan

“We signed on with the Consult Group approximately 12 months ago. First up, the Consult team are highly professional, well disciplined have great processes in place and are a pleasure to deal with. What’s more they have become part of the Famous Family!”

Julie Pillon and Michael Pillon

"They always fight hard for what is right for the product line, and most importantly what works for us, The Market Grocer, as the brand owner."

Ian McDonald