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We strive to make achieving your profit margin; simple. We make scale distribution, pricing and new product development for your brand and product range simple. Our team can empower you with the right information to make better decisions & have better conversations with leading retailers. Sounds simple? Only when you know how. And we’d love to show you how.

Amy Bruce

The Shark

Product Team
Superpower: Loves a task
Kryptonite: Obscure purchases from TK Maxx

Lisa Wallman

Swedish Fish

Product Team
Superpower: Shopping at IKEA and knowing what the product names actually mean
Kryptonite: Activewear obsessed

Georgia Crawley

Collaboration Ninja

Product Team
Superpower: Radiates positivity
Kryptonite: Bunnings plant sales

Andrew Yi

Maze Navigator | Sales Whisperer

Sales Team
Superpower: Will prescribe you a heavier vitamin regime than any qualified doctor.
Kryptonite: All of the arms, none of the ability to reach the top shelf

Bridie Kavanagh

Banter Facilitator

Product Team | Sales Team
Superpower: Will have a pair of sunglasses for every colour of the rainbow
Kryptonite: Falling up/down the stairs

Lauren McMillan

The Fire Wall | Brand Ambassador

Digital & Marketing Team
Superpower: Has the loudest and most infectious laugh in the room
Kryptonite: Always has too many tabs open

Mick Hearne

The Boss | Mr Fixit Replenishment

Product Team
Superpower: Will tell you exactly how it is with not a sprinkle of sugar coating
Kryptonite: Being lied to

Jade Burnett

Big Dog I Sales Extraordinaire

Sales Team
Superpower: Will ask about your dogs and actually care about your answer
Kryptonite: She’d rather be in Greece

Shane Day

Manager of the Free World | Distribution Guru

Sales Team
Superpower: Will belt out the most thug Vietnamese raps known to man
Kryptonite: Eats meat when his wife and kids aren’t around

Holly Roussell-Horne

Hurricane Holly | Sales Finder

Sales Team, Acting General Manager
Superpower: Will destroy you in any athletic endeavour
Kryptonite: Checking which airport, she flies out from

Isabella Manafas

Little Miss Efficiency

Product Team
Superpower: Doesn’t listen to ‘no’
Kryptonite: Shopping on Amazon

Our VA


Product Team
“Some say The SKU appears on the top shelf, but we all know the middle position is the best spot”

Could this be you?

New Team Member

Consult Group

James Manafas

Solution Finder | Sales Chief

Co-founder, Sales Team
Superpower: Helping anyone, honour, and respect to all. God first #1. Cannot say No.
Kryptonite: Dog Droppings

Nicole Manafas

Chief Cheerleader | Beancounter

Co-founder, Finance Team
Superpower: Will always be the best dressed person in the room
Kryptonite: Being ignored when she has requested items to be done/ sent.

Ash McMillan

Revenue Finder | Strategy Guy

Co-founder, Sales Team
Superpower: Has a relatable story for any situation
Kryptonite: Keeping any meeting/conversation to its allocated time

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