FMCG consulting. Let’s partner. Let’s do this!

Collaborate with us and gain a clear picture, rapidly, of the size of the potential retail market for your brand’s products. We draw on quantitative data and qualitative insights to help you manage your risk and make informed decisions.

Leverage our relationships with retail leaders

“We have brand partners who’ve been with us, and grown with us, for over 20 years. That’s a good sign we’re doing things right.”

James Manafas, Director, Consult Group Company.

Sometimes the right answer is no

Our brand partner clients always come first – but that doesn’t mean we always say yes. When choosing to partner with an external FMCG specialist team like ours, you have to be sure there is an aligned, best-fit approach to collaborating. 

We do ask tough questions, and we do give honest and informed advice gained from over three decades in the FMCG consulting business. We’ve been around a long time, we’ve learnt a lot. We’ve built deep, trusting relationships with brand partners and retailers alike. Trust is a true corporate currency. 

Melissa’s words, not ours. (Thanks Melissa!)

“Working with the Consult Group team is electric. Together over the last three years we have traversed the world of the wholesale grocery market. CG has been there mapping out the path ahead for us, doing the background work, planning, talking to buyers, promoting the product, foreseeing possible issues and making sure if anything needs seeing to, it is sorted…so we can focus on what we do best.

James and the team have believed in us, trusted us, and worked their butts off to make sure that we succeed and for that I am eternally grateful. The value that the team brings with their industry knowledge in the FMCG and grocery channels, along with an endless powerhouse of personal resources that have been built and nurtured over years is a genuine commodity.”

Melissa Moule, Partner & Co Founder, Byron Beef Jerky.

An expert FMCG team, at your fingertips

We make the scale, distribution, pricing and new product development for your business, brand and product range simple. We empower you with the right information to make better decisions – sooner. 

You can access a whole team of FMCG specialists, for the cost of a mid-level sales manager. Quick smart.

As a business we’ve been continually trading for more than 30 years, and that’s a milestone we’re proud of. Our trading history can help open doors for you, to enable you to have the best possible conversations with Australia’s leading retailers.

Value that’s on the table

Our team brings unrivaled expertise and invaluable connections to ensure your FMCG brand has the best chance of succeeding now – and into the future.

Over the last three decades in business, there have been significant changes in the retail market place, with a particularly rapid evolution during the global pandemic. Our Consult Group A-team knows how to navigate change and seize opportunities in the FMCG space.

We can make a complex, competitive space so much easier for you to navigate. We help manage your brand’s risk and identify opportunities for growth, based on data and hard-earned relationship insights. 

“EHP Labs has worked with Consult Group for nearly 2 years now. The contacts and relationships they have provided has opened a significant number of doors to get our product into major retailers. We continue to work closely with the team and strive for success!”

Isobel Davis

“We signed on with the Consult Group approximately 12 months ago. First up, the Consult team are highly professional, well disciplined have great processes in place and are a pleasure to deal with. What’s more they have become part of the Famous Family!”

Julie Pillon and Michael Pillon

"They always fight hard for what is right for the product line, and most importantly what works for us, The Market Grocer, as the brand owner."

Ian McDonald