FAQs + answers

If you have FMCG questions, we have FMCG answers. Check out these FAQs – and if we haven’t covered your query, be sure to get in touch. Our experienced team is here to help.

The cost of our services varies, depending on the scale of our partnership. Some brand partners engage us for a single, one-off service, while many choose to leverage multiple services. We’d love to learn more about your FMCG brand and your business aspirations so we provide a comprehensive fee proposal for your consideration. Book a free call today and let’s start the conversation.

We’ve developed an impressive track record of achieving significant revenue results for our brand partners over the last 30+ years, whilst we don’t ever guarantee revenue results as there are so many factors that come into play for a brand’s success – and not all of them are in our control. What we can guarantee is that you will be fully informed, prepared and best-placed to have the excellent conversations about your brand and product range with leading Australian retailers. Find out more about our services and how we help brands like yours.

We actually tend to say no, more than we say yes. We are open to having a free, initial phone call with any FMCG brand owner who wants to reach out to us, but a partnership doesn’t always eventuate. 

The timing, entrepreneurial approach, values and appetite to invest have to align for both parties. Sometimes small business brand owners aren’t quite ready to have a full partnership with Consult Group. The best thing to do is book a free call and we can explore together, if we are the right-fit for each other and which service options may be best for your brand.

We’ve developed our core services offerings that reflect the needs of our varied FMCG brand partner client base. In fact, most of our brand partners utilise the majority of our services. If you aren’t sure which service may be right for you – reach out for a quick and free conversation! We are here to listen to your brand aspirations and determine which of our service offerings may be the best-fit for you.

You may be small now, but we imagine you have big plans for growth. If you have an early stage FMCG business, you may find our internal resources an ideal starting point to learn more about the FMCG industry and the opportunities that exist today for you and your brand. Get in touch and let’s find out!

Our team has in-depth expertise in New Product Development (NPD) across a range of FMCG categories. Read our Hershey’s & Reese’s case study for just one example, or learn more about our approach to NPD here. Reach out if you have more questions, we’d love to explore your brand’s product range expansion opportunities.

Plenty! We have 30+ years experience and an enviable track record in the FMCG consulting space. Our team is extensive, and specialised. We have developed trusted relationships with all of Australia’s leading FMCG retailers. And we aren’t just yes people. We also happen to be super fun to work with. Discover more about our team, and get in touch!

Still got a burning question? No problem – get in touch and book a free initial phone call with a member of our experienced team. We’ll be back in touch with you, quick smart.