Unlocking FMCG funding to fuel growth

Successful cash flow management is a key factor in the establishment and scalability of FMCG businesses. 

Consult Group is affiliated with a small selection of funding experts who can independently provide advice to FMCG business owners and directors. 

“It’s expensive to set up and grow an FMCG business; to get started, to gain momentum and then to continue to scale and adapt to the changing market opportunities,” Ashley McMillan, Consult Group Co-Founder and Sales Team Strategist, explained.

 “We’re all about helping to deliver creative solutions to complex problems in the FMCG space. Cash flow management is a critical piece of the FMCG success puzzle. We aren’t financing specialists, but we have independent industry affiliates, like Grow Capital, that can explore potential funding options with our clients,” Ashley said.


What is FMCG funding typically used for?

It’s common for FMCG business owners to want to secure additional funding for a range of costs, including:


  • Investment in assets, such as industry specific machinery
  • Product manufacturing
  • New product lines
  • Distribution
  • Storage / warehousing
  • Business acquisitions
  • Marketing costs.


“Typically FMCG businesses have to carry costs for many months, ahead of getting a return. Stock needs to be manufactured, stored, transported to retail outlet shelves, marketed to support sales, and replenishments of stock may also need to be readily available well-ahead of time,” Ashley explained.

 “Every business is different, but in some cases, additional investment at the right time, can help take the business to the next level in terms of its scalability, longevity and profitability,” he said. 


Supporting FMCG businesses to grow

Gus Gilkeson, CEO and Founder of Grow Capital, worked in strategic business development roles for major banks and lenders for many years and saw first-hand the difficulties SMEs faced in getting business finance – and he decided he wanted to do something about it. 

“I wanted to take my business financing expertise to the business owner directly – to help them gain funding that can position them for growth. Finance shouldn’t be hard – we’re about making the process as quick, easy and as transparent as possible for busy business owners, so they can get on with growing their business,” Gus said. 

Grow Capital helps secure funding for Australian businesses from over 90+ business and commercial lenders, helping to bridge the information gap between the funders who have the money, and what they require, with the people who want the finance.

Over the years, the Grow Capital team has reviewed more than 6000 businesses at various stages of growth and funded more than 500 businesses, including dozens of FMCG businesses. Grow Capital helps secure funding from $50K to $80M.

“Customised funding options are often what FMCG businesses need – and the major lenders may not be able to act as flexibly in their approach, particularly with smaller or start-up businesses,” Gus said. 

“For example, we are working with an FMCG client right now who will be investing in a packaging machine in order to unlock the scalability of their business. We’ve been able to deliver a funding solution for them that involves three funders; one funder to cover the purchase and import of the specialist machine with 120 day payment terms, another funder to cover the period from when the machine arrives and starts to be used, and a third funder for an on-going, longer period,” he explained. 


Cash flow is king in FMCG 

SmartCompany highlighted the Xero report ‘Money Matters: Navigating the Impact of Economic Conditions on the Cash Flow of Australian Small and Medium-Sized Businesses’ that surveyed businesses on their behaviours and perspectives on cash flow management. 

The 2023 report found that 60% of Australian small businesses say they don’t feel confident in their ability to absorb any financial shock and have been experiencing cash flow challenges over the past year.

Xero Australia Country Manager Will Buckley, told SmartCompany the findings reinforce that Australian small businesses are navigating their way through some of the most economically challenging conditions in recent times. 

Small Business Australia points out on its website that “Cash flow is the lifeblood of any small business.”


FMCG business cycles and industry insights

The Consult Group team intimately understands FMCG business cycles and cash flow considerations. 

“We can support our FMCG brand partners with key documentation, including procurement, revenue projections, indent timing, net outcomes that can be useful if they are considering making external funding applications,” Ashley said. 

“Our suite of Consult Group FMCG Services, are designed to make the scaling, distribution, pricing and new product development for your business, brand and product range simple. We empower brand owners with the right information to make better decisions – sooner. 

As a company, part of our ethos and mission is: ‘To make creating a profitable FMCG business simple’. These are not just words to us; we work hard to make this mission come to life for our clients, day-in, day-out,” Ashley said.


Seize the FMCG market opportunities in Australia

Australia’s FMCG market, encompassing food, beverages, personal care products, and more, grew in 2023 despite an unpredictable retail environment and inflationary pressures affecting most segments. According to Statista, with an estimated population of over 26 million, Australia “has an extensive consumer base for FMCG companies to tap into.”


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