How to launch a food product line

So you have decided that you want to launch your very own food product on the shelves in food retailers but you don’t know where to start.

It can seem like an overwhelming task with what to do first and how to navigate your way through the process from start to finish with supermarket brokers and product retailers. So in this blog we aim to provide you with detailed information that will arm you in understanding the basics of how the industry works and what you need to do in order to stay on track with creating an unique product with strong branding that the stores would love to stock on their shelves.

Step One: Know Your Market

We can all get caught up in the excitement of creating a revolutionary product which is a gamechanger however it is important to do the fundamental groundwork when it comes to researching the retailer as well as the market. By researching both the retailer and the market you will have a stronger idea of why your product should be in retail stores. 

Step Two: Logistics

Before creating your product it is paramount to think about the logistics of your product and how it will get to the supermarket or retailer. Remember that the main way of transport is via trucks delivered straight to the retailer and pallets are considered to be the standard in the industry. Products can be packed in cartons or glass jars depending on the contents which can also change the cost significantly due to the weight of what’s being transported. 

Step Three: Labelling

Labelling and regulations is crucial and varies from country to country. You must have your product ingredients and health claims adhere to the guidelines. There are also a range of barcodes which must be placed on not only your product but also your transportation pallets. 

We hope this blog has informed you on the starting steps that you need to take to start taking on your journey to getting your products in stores.


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