What we’ve learnt from getting over 1000 products into mainstream retail outlets

The number one question we are asked at Consult Group is, ‘how do I get my products on the shelves of large retailers for maximum exposure for our brand’? We work with industry experts and specialise in FMCG consulting with over +30 years experience. In this blog we are going to go through a few industry secrets we’ve learnt along the way.

Website, Socials Advertising

Many businesses come to us wanting to grow their product ranges and what we like to do with them is sit down in a meeting and review their website, social media channels and advertising avenues currently. We like to assume that all digital branding and marketing must be aligned and up to date. This review can also iron out any details or questions that may pop up in potential meetings about what the brand stands for and also what product is being produced. Remember that everything must be clean, simple and concise in order for potential buyers to be able to read quickly if need be.

Marketing Plan – Organic & Paid

Have you already thought about or implemented a marketing plan? We like to advise our clients that by having a strong marketing plan which is organic and also paid whether it be Google Ads, paid promotions or simply have a strong organic social media strategy. When FMCG retail buyers look up your business they must see a relevant, relatable and legitimate brand that is worth stocking on the shelves with customers wanting to buy more.

Point Of Difference & Innovation

Is your product already in supermarkets or food retailers? What truly differentiates your food product from all others that are on the shelves and how are you going to sell this to the FMCG retail buyers in an enticing manner? Whether it be creating a hero ingredient or even creating a product which is innovative, more convenient for the customer or adds a new twist on an old product in the supermarket.

So there you have three insider industry tips when it comes to stepping into the world of a FMCG retail buyer’s mind l and how to get your product into more stores and staying there.

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